Welcome to the AI Winter Workshop, hosted by the Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe, Brown University/Department of Physics


January 16 - 19, 2024

This Workshop is open to interested graduate students, post-doctoral students and advanced undergraduates from any institution. 

Workshop Goals

The goal of this Workshop is to offer examples of the direct applications of machine learning methods to a range of problems inspired by the use of artificial intelligence in physics. We will provide hands-on experiences with machine learning tools to help reduce the barriers to engagement with these essential tools for physics research. 

Hosted by the Brown Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe, this Workshop will consist of six modules consisting of a lecture session delivered by Brown Physics faculty members, followed by practice workshop sessions for participants with direction in the use of machine learning tools.

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A 2-page Summary for each module is available by following the Timetable and selecting the paperclip icon on the module block.

Registration is required for full access to all Workshop materials including notebooks. Please note that we will use your registration email address to grant access to all materials. Full access to all Workshop materials will be available starting January 15. The workshop will make use of Google Colab for all the workbook examples (https://colab.research.google.com/).

If you do not have a Gmail or Google-backed account, you will need to register one.  You can create an account just for this event or perhaps follow the directions at the following link to use an existing email.

Join the AI Workshop Slack for discussion, trouble-shooting, and questions

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Each module and following workshop are intended to stand alone; participants may sign up for as many modules as they choose. 

All modules will take place virtually. There is no registration fee.

Workshop Material

Below is the link to the workshop material.  Only registrants with a Gmail or Google-compatible email will be able to access it.


Citation Guide:

If you chose to use any of the material from this workshop in your own examples, or workbooks, please make a reference back to our workshop, url, and organizers: 

AI Winter Workshop - The Center for the Fundamental Physics of the Universe / Department of Physics, Brown University

Organizing faculty: Richard Gaitskell, Director; Ian Dell'Antonio, Associate Director

A Very Useful Primer in AI ML for All Particpants

Below is a link to a primer that will help you to understand some basic concepts and terminology associated with machine learning.


Questions and comments:

Ariel Green (ariel_green@brown.edu)

Zoom: https://brown.zoom.us/j/91297039705
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